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Last updated 20/11/2020

No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • New Zealand has now moved to Alert level 1. This means New Zealand is essentially open with minimal restrictions now. This includes all domestic travel;
  • Borders remain closed to all but NZ Citizens and Residents, and a mandatory 14 day quarantine is in place for all those returning to New Zealand during his period.
Additional links: For additional information on COVID-19 in New Zealand click here.


Last updated 24/11/2020 General:

  • The number of new daily locally acquired cases across the country are in the single digits, most of the new cases are reported from overseas arrivals who are isolated in mandatory quarantine;
  • Most of the states are territories are expected to open their boarders in the coming weeks;
  • All Sucafina staff are now working from the office with 'COVID SAFE' measures in place.
Movement to Port:
  • Warehouses and logistics services continue to operate with social distancing measures in place, but otherwise restrictions are minimal.
  • The impact on the ports has been minimal, although availability of vessels, containers and local strikes are causing some delays.

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Last updated 20/11/2020 No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • There has been a spike in cases of COVID in PNG , and the government is taking measures to stop its further development. One of those is mandating masks to be worn, and there are reports they are calling in WHO to help assist with a plan going forward. The government is trying to keep the people calm as the economic toll on the country due to lockdowns has been significant;
  • Port Moresby has gone back on lockdown. Curfew in effect. For now, just the capital city has these restrictions;
  • Domestic flights for PNG are to be shut down starting July 28, 2020.

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