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Last updated 19/01/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • Sucafina teams are working in shifts, with respect to EHS measures. Supply chain & Logistics are all back to normal, including for sampling and documents flow;

  • For EU Mobility and Transport News click here;

  • Warehouses are working with almost full conditions everywhere and adapted their capacities;
  • All North Europe ports are functioning as normal;

  • Ports Terminal are working under normal business capacity;

  • Warehouse keepers all maintain a high level of activity, working in shift and loading/unloading/sampling activity need a minimum of 48 hours pre-announcements;

  • Documentation: No specific delay noted - dispatch of documents and flow are working well.
  • Slovenia: Slovenia has formally declared an epidemic amid a major surge in infections. Some key measures announced:
    • A 30-day period allows the government to impose further restrictions to combat the outbreak.
    • The government has prohibited gatherings of more than six people and restricted the movement of citizens between 21:00 and 06:00.
    • Masks are required at all times, including outdoors.
    • Restaurants and bars are closed, while shops and other services remain open.
    • Most schoolchildren and university students have moved from classroom to online teaching.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland added Belgium to their list of countries subject to mandatory quarantine, and is getting ready to add France in view of the recent increase of cases;
  • Italy: Operations working normally.
  • Belgium: Borders opened & operations work normally;
    • Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Antwerp, strict health and safety measures are implemented in warehouses;
    • Antwerp warehouse keepers are re-instating 1 docker per container only, and will be able to stuff only 200 bags in 20ft and 400 bags in 40ft containers.
  • France: warehouse keepers are working with rotation teams and operate with normal conditions. country is fully opening cafes & restaurants from 22nd June onwards. Despite an increase in cases, there is not lockdown imposed. Mask are mandatory.

  • London: Guardian ICE EU Depository : Paper Warrant Lodgements, withdrawals and transfers to London agents, plus deliveries of paper warrants from warehouses and warehouse agents, are extremely slow and difficult with various London Agents having ceased possibility to go to Depositary and/or limiting the activity to 1 day every 2 weeks;

  • Russia: Adding 4.7K cases per day, i.e. trend is positive, but reduction is going very slow. Restrictions varies region from region. Café in big cities are operational, but masks remain mandatory;

  • Ukraine: Adding 1.7K cases per day. That is 3 times more that use to be at spring time under strict lockdown. Country has red zones, with restriction on public transport and gatherings (e.g. Kharkov & Lvov). No significant restrictions in Kiev (capital).

  • Byelorussia: COVID is overlined by political unrest after presidential elections. No reliable statistics available;

  • Kazakhstan: Ease restrictions. Statistics is not transparent since a big number of COVID cases is registered as pneumonia;

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