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Last updated 26/03/2021 General:

  • Sucafina teams are working in shifts, with respect to EHS measures. Supply chain & Logistics are all back to normal, including for sampling and documents flow;
  • A vessel is blocked in Suez Canal and is impacting all transit time and flows from Asia, India, East Africa with no clear picture of how this will damage the space and bookings flows on these exports areas. European clients will see delays to receive their cargo and should monitor very closely their current afloats goods.
  • For EU Mobility and Transport News click here;
  • Germany: Another wave of COVID-19 has hit Germany, but more importantly they have a big export pace and lack container equipments in the port of Bremerhaven and Hamburg and shipping lines have not found space or solutions for the next coming weeks
  • Slovenia: Slovenia has formally declared an epidemic amid a major surge in infections. Some key measures announced:
    • The government has prohibited gatherings of more than six people and restricted the movement of citizens between 21:00 and 06:00.
    • Masks are required indoors.
    • Restaurants and bars are closed, while shops and other services remain open.
    • Schools are open
  • Belgium:
    • Belgium is going into a new 4 week lockdown
    • A useful data visualization tool maintained by the government which helps to track progress:;
    • Container stuffing jute: from 125 to 200 bags max in 20'; from 250 bags to 400 for 40' BB: no impact
      • increased control on WFH & impact on warehouse operational efficiency
      • Skeleton staff in offices and warehouses (expect decreased efficiency on admin handling & warehouses operations -> sampling, picture taking, etc)
      - truck drivers are not being exempted of test to cross intra-EU borders; the recurrent tests and the results themselves are both affecting cost & trucks availability - also reconfirm above comment on warehouse operational efficiency: loadings, unloadings, customs paperwork, etc are taking much longer than usual due to limited staff => this results in trucks getting later loading slots than planned, and delays at delivery place.

For helpful real-time information on EU borders and delay, click on the below link: