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N.B: During the course of the year, we have seen many more thefts in our supply chain than we normally have; during transit to ports ex. Brazil or East Africa; but also on arrival at destination ex Asia.


Last updated 14/05/2021

No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • Ministry of home affairs issued unlock 5 guidelines: Accordingly there will be no restriction on any gatherings / activities except educational institutions are yet to be allowed to open;
  • Lockdown will continue to be implemented strictly in the containment zones and when needed.

Business activities:
  • Travel by road and air are allowed throughout the country, however, international flights are not yet allowed to operate fully. Metro railways are allowed to operate;
  • Sucafina India business is back to normal;
  • Coffee buying and loading is normal.
Samples & Documents:
  • Courier movement is normal.

  • Ports are working normally, except for few documents issuees.


Last updated on 29/08/2021

  • Vietnam, especially HCM city is seriously hit by Covid-19 with infections in community rising sharply;
  • A new Government’s directive has been applied in HCM city to tighten and control the people’s mobility as well as the working at the office since 23/08;
  • Amid Covid-19 restrictions, the city has issued travel permits for a restricted list of groups to perform their functions outdoors – only the ones in that list are allowed to go out during this period of strict lockdown. This campaign will last 15 days (06/09) and possibly extending until 15/09. This restriction has led to the delays in the completion and submission of export documents as well as the dispatch of samples.


Last updated 29/06/2021

  • Indonesia's status has been upgraded to 'A1' by WHO = extremely high risk
  • Red Cross warns Indonesia is 'on edge of catastrophe'
  • Record positive cases per day multiple times this past week (20k+ /day)
  • Testing rates remain very low (positive rates extremely high).
  • Hospital beds in Jakarta & Bandung @ 90+% capacity - price of oxygen has doubled today.
  • Vaccination campaign is underway, but proceeding slowly / Sinovac appears ineffective vs. Delta variant.
  • Reports are emerging that the Govt will impose its first truly strict lockdown, commencing on July 3: to require work-from-home for all non-essential industries, strict limitations on travel, & all in-restaurant dining / leisure locations closed.
  • For now, no impact on coffee supply - but we expect delays to export docs from govt agencies in the coming weeks & will closely monitor the situation.


Last updated 14/05/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • The state of national emergency ended on June 26th and there are no longer any local restrictions or active Covid-19 cases within Timor Leste;
  • Foreigners are barred from entering except those with valid work or residential visas and all persons who enter must undergo mandatory quarantine;
  • Most commercial flights remain indefinitely suspended and the land border with Indonesia opens only once per week for entry;
  • As a result of international travel limitations, some coffee exporters are operating without key personnel or not at all.


Last updated 14/05/2021

No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • New COVID-19 cases are coming down day by day, and the government is relaxing social distancing rules to allow dinner dine in but with only 2 people per table;

  • Hong Kong office has stopped working from home as of today;

  • Local delivery remains intact and smooth.