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N.B: During the course of the year, we have seen many more thefts in our supply chain than we normally have; during transit to ports ex. Brazil or East Africa; but also on arrival at destination ex Asia.


Last updated 19/10/2020 General:

  • Ministry of home affairs issued unlock 4 guidelines: Accordingly, starting September 1, 2020 there will be no restriction on any gatherings / activities except educational institutions are yet to be allowed to open;
  • Lockdown will continue to be implemented strictly in the containment zones and when needed.

Business activities:
  • Travel by road and air are allowed throughout the country, however, international flights are not yet allowed to operate. Metro railways are allowed to operate from today i.e. September 7, 2020;
  • Sucafina India business is disrupted due to twenty-eight Corona positive cases found in Tata coffee factory where our offices are located. Authorities closed the premises for next few days and testing of remaining staff is continue. No. of positive cases are likely to go up after testing is finished;
  • Coffee buying and loading disrupted due to the above.
Samples & Documents:
  • Courier movement is normal.

  • Ports are working normally, except for few documents issuees.


Last updated 19/10/2020 No changes or updates noted for the business. General:

  • Sucafina staff is divided into two teams working in shifts from the office;
  • Vietnam Airlines will operate its first international commercial flight returning to Vietnam from South Korea on September 25 after the government allowed the resumption of international flights on specific routes.


  • All Vietnamese carriers have suspended international routes from March 25.


Last updated 19/10/2020

No changes or updates noted for the business.


  • Some domestic flights have resumed operations. Passengers are required to submit a health certificate showing negative test results, and other documents depending on the destination;
  • Local restrictions vary from district to district and may include measures such as roadblocks, curfews, and limits on gathering;

  • The activities of farmers and collectors in the up-countries are still running as usual, but they also keep aware of local authorities' policies;

Samples and Documents:

  • The domestic and international courier of samples has been impacted, with delays and limited service.


  • Indonesian ports are running as usual; there is no limitation or prohibition for both export and import;


Last updated 19/10/2020 No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • The state of national emergency ended on June 26th and there are no longer any local restrictions or active Covid-19 cases within Timor Leste;
  • Foreigners are barred from entering except those with valid work or residential visas and all persons who enter must undergo mandatory quarantine;
  • Most commercial flights remain indefinitely suspended and the land border with Indonesia opens only once per week for entry;
  • As a result of international travel limitations, some coffee exporters are operating without key personnel or not at all.


Last updated 19/10/2020

No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • New COVID-19 cases are coming down day by day, and the government is relaxing social distancing rules to allow dinner dine in but with only 2 people per table;

  • Hong Kong office has stopped working from home as of today;

  • Local delivery remains intact and smooth.

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