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N.B: During the course of the year, we have seen many more thefts in our supply chain than we normally have; during transit to ports ex. Brazil or East Africa; but also on arrival at destination ex Asia.


Last updated 14/05/2021

  • Domestic movement within Europe and US is unhindered. US is still experiencing unusually high rates for trucking due on-going driver shortage.
Across North America we are partnering with roasters to help get brewed/ground coffee to local hospitals impacted by COVID-19. We have now partnered with 10 roasters to deliver over 6,000 cups of coffee to frontline healthcare workers across the country.


Last updated 30/07/2021

  • Vaccination program in progress. More than 146 million citizens have been vaccinated with either 1 or 2 dosages, approx. 70% of total population. Social distancing and use of masks are still required but rigid restrictions are slowly being removed by society life. Schools and other institutions are returning to presential services. Governmental institution´s intention is to have whole population vaccinated till the end of the 2021.
  • Sucafina teams remains working remotely, except for Quality Team, but continuously studying possibility of returning to offices prior end of 2021.


Last updated 01/06/2021 General:

  • Since April 28th the country is being on a national strike. A protest that started as a manifestation against a tax reform has expanded into several requests from the citizen to the government about the discontent of the current social and economic situation of the country;
  • The strike has caused a stop in almost all the export and import activities due to blockages in the main roads of the country, mainly in the southwest and central regions;
  • This has had a direct impact on the coffee supply chain, reducing the coffee being moved to the main commercial points of the country and also the movement of coffee to the port.
Covid Updates:
  • The country is going through the third wave of covid. There is a big pressure in the health system due to the high occupancy of the Intensive Care Units in most of the main cities. There are still complete restrictions for public or private events with large crowds such as concerts or sports events;
  • Sucafina team is working remotely and quality skeleton staff is available in the office.
  • Shipping Lines: Working normally. Most shipping lines offices are closed and all their teams are working remotely;
Port situation:
  • Buenaventura: Today a report was received that few lots of coffee arrived at this port which has caused the expectative of the reactivation of the operations here. As per conversation with other exporters, most of them have the willingness to make some trials of movements, anyhow the corridor doesn't have yet the optimal security conditions to reactivate the transport, because of this, we are still far from having a normal operation in this port.
  • Cartagena: The city had some protests last week that affected the operation of the port. In addition, most of the exporters started to organize all their shipments sailing from this port and this has caused congestion on the terminals. The main bottlenecks for coffee operation are the capacity of the terminals to unload trucks and the availability of containers.
  • Santa Marta: The operation is normal; some problems of congestion or scarcity of containers has been reported.
  • Although the situation has improved and is expected that it would get better in the following days there are still many other factors that are still affecting the operation mainly caused by a month of a significant decrease of imports and exports in the country. It is expected that after the strike is lifted it will take between one or two months to have a normal operation.
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