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N.B: During the course of the year, we have seen many more thefts in our supply chain than we normally have; during transit to ports ex. Brazil or East Africa; but also on arrival at destination ex Asia.


Last updated 19/01/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • On July 16th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the US-Canada border would remain closed to nonessential travel until at least 21 August. Trucks have continued to be allowed to move goods between the two countries. The first week of July, truck traffic between the US and Canada reached pre-coronavirus seasonal levels;

  • Import and export containers are moving without interruption. Domestic trucking has picked up and we are seeing more activity from the specialty roasters
Across North America we are partnering with roasters to help get brewed/ground coffee to local hospitals impacted by COVID-19. We have now partnered with 10 roasters to deliver over 6,000 cups of coffee to frontline healthcare workers across the country.


Last updated 19/01/2021 General:

  • Vaccine approved this Sunday (Jan 17th), and vaccination will start soon to Priority Group.
  • Sucafina teams still working remotely.
Movement to Port:
  • Trucks are moving as normal.
  • Rumor of strike to Feb 01st not confirmed, we are monitoring.
  • Port activity as normal.
  • Containers are being released almost normally; Some Shipping lines with lack of empty containers;
  • Certificates are being issued without issues. The Agricultural Ministry is issuing the Phytos Certificates digitally, and they are being checked for authenticity by QRCodes. At Vitoria Port, phytos are issued very late, due few officers.

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Last updated 19/01/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business. General:

  • Lockdown was lifted on September 1st, 2020;

  • Cases and deaths had slightly decreased. Most of restrictions will be lifted with the only exception of people that are sick or might be;

  • There are still complete restrictions for public or private events with large crowds such us concerts or sport events;

  • Sucafina team is working remotely and quality skeleton staff is available in the office;

  • Milling plant and warehouses are working with team shifts, under strict health & safety measures;

  • Farm-level activities are carried out normally and FNC technical assistance service is being reactivated slowly, especially in regions with few COVID cases;

  • FNC launched a protocol to avoid contagion of COVID-19. To access it (in spanish) click here;

  • It is expected that in September we will start to see a flow of coffee from the Main Crop. The challenge now is how the increase in the cases could affect the development of the harvest.

Shipping Lines:

  • Working normally but with restrictions to issue original documentation;

  • Most shipping lines offices are closed and all their teams are working remotely. Original BLs have to be modified to Sea Way Bill or be issued in destination for most of the cases;


  • Port operation is normal;

  • FNC has changed all their procedures to be made digitally, this also applies for the documents that they issue as these are no longer sent physically. The only process that is still made at the port is the approval of the coffee.

Internal Transport:

  • Transport companies for cargo are working without restrictions and the availability is normal
  • Phytosanitary certificate: it is already accepted in some countries to send the certificate digitally. When accepted, it will be sent this way;
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COL$41 000 million investment by the Ministry of Agriculture on a program to ensure the commercialization of agricultural products and income of smallholder farmers. (language: Spanish)

Additional Resources

Certificate of Origin - Ecuador

Plant Protection Organization of Brazil - Protocol For All Emission of Phytosanitary Certificate in Brazil

Online Digital Certificate for Exporters - Brazil (only applicable for Santos and Vitória at the moment )

FNC Protocol for Coffee Farmers to Avoid Contagion of COVID-19