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N.B: During the course of the year, we have seen many more thefts in our supply chain than we normally have; during transit to ports ex. Brazil or East Africa; but also on arrival at destination ex Asia.


Last updated 22/06/2021

Ugacof Operations

  • Following the presidential address on 18th June, 42 days full lockdown is announced to curb the increasing infection rates in the country.
  • The Key summaries affecting our operations are:
    • Movement restricted public and private cars banned.
    • Only cargo vehicles can move with a maximum of two people.
    • Essential services including coffee to continue operations.
    • Curfew revised from 7:00 p.m to 5:30 a.m.
    • Factories and construction sites stay open with an option for camping.
    • Entebbe airport is operational
  • Ugacof operating with staff working from office and home.
  • We are continuously enforcing strong SOP measures and reminding staff to be vigilant.
  • All our service providers’ i.e forwarders, shipping line, ICDs will continue to operate with reduced staff.
  • They are working on to get the special passes to allow key operational personnel to mobilize and operate in order to ensure cargo movement.
  • Revised operating hours are also communicated.
  • UCDA following procedures as per set SOPs and skeleton staff to ensure certification of coffee exports.
Border Operations
  • Trucks movement at the border not impacted and so far smooth
  • We will continue to monitor the situation

Useful Website for information on lockdown:


Last updated 14/05/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • Government announced a lockdown with the vast majority of people confined to their homes. Some sectors including coffee are allowed to continue functioning which means farming, processing and export activities without too much disruption;
  • Most Rwacof admin staff are working from home;
  • New customs clearing procedures are now in place for Rwanda to minimise the risks of COVID-19 cases from passing the border via drivers and crews. The rules bring customs clearing to each border post and mandates testing for truck staff. We can estimate that this will add 2 days to the transit (for testing and truck cleaning). Meaning for Mombasa routes we see 4 days extra and for Dar 2 days extra. On our side we will be doing our best to send PSS 5 working days earlier than previously planned to compensate.


Last updated 14/05/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business.

Tanzania Operations

  • Currently Things became normal for now due to government assurance ,but only we have been warned to take more precautions and measures as its possible we are living with it as we do for HIV,TB and any others diseases ,that according to Tanzania ministry of health guideline;

  • 2020/2021 season Zonal Auction going on every Thursday;

  • Warehouse are working on rotation (Day & Night) with all operations running normally precautions and safety measure are in place.


  • We are heading towards the general election, the campaigns underway, the election to be held 28.10.20;

  • Airfreight Side

    • Airport are now operating normally.

    • By Swissport:

    • KLM-4flights in a week. Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday and Sunday

    • Emirates-2 flights in a week. Tuesday and Thursday

    • Swiss air-2 flights in a week. Wednesday and Sunday.

    • Qatar air-- Daily flight.

    • Ethiopian air-Daily flight.

    • Egypt air-No proper schedule

    • Turkish air. No proper schedule.

    • Oman air. No proper schedule.

    • Lam air-No proper schedule

    • By AFS.

    • Rwanda air.

    • Fly Dubai.

    • Astra Aviation

    • DHL still operating through their flight twice a week.

Port Operation

  • TPA and TICTS are operating as usual;

  • Currently vessels are spending about 4days on average from ETA to berthing. We are heading toward end of the year and vessels/cargo are normally expected to increase;

  • Documentation – TICTS have increased from 6days to 8days now due to loading list cutoff date, booking/cargo readiness needs to be monitored accordingly.

Container Availability

  • Container available remain ok for -(MSC, MAERSK, SAFMARINE, MESSINA, CMA CGM, HAPAG, WEC, EVERGREEN);

  • COSCO and ONE have shortage of empty containers.

In Tanzania, Cotacof production site is working under strict health and safety measures to ensure the health and safety of all staff.


Last updated 14/05/2021 Kenya Operation

  • The number of Covid 19 positive cases have increased drastically with higher fatality rate experienced. As result the government has named 5 red zones which include Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos and Nakuru. The red zones have been put under lockdown indefinitely with all churches, entertainment joints, sporting, physical schooling closed until further notice while restaurants only allowed to operate on takeaway basis. Stringent measures within the red zone has been introduced with Curfew hours adjusted from 8pm- 4am;
  • The rest of country which is outside the red zones, Curfew remains from 10 PM till 4 AM;
  • Our teams have resumed working remotely as management encourages working from home adhering to president directive as well as covid safety rules and guidelines. All our offices are within the red zones hence have been affected by new directive. QC team continues to work from the office due the cupping and sending out of samples;
  • Transit time in dispatch of docs and PSS remains normal with an average transit time of 3-4 days;
  • Weekly auctions are progressing normally and are held online at your comfort as long as you have internet connection;
  • Warehouse activities are progressing normally while adhering to covid safety rules and guidelines. We are making more use of color sorter for processing of conventional coffees while handpicking the microlots. Our EHS is committed in ensuring the handpickers adhere to safety rules guidelines by insisting all should wear masks and maintain social distancing.
Port Operation
  • We continue to use rail 100% for transit to port;
  • Mombasa Port congestion is a bit easing up but we continue to face delays at ICDE Nairobi in railing containers to port;
  • Maersk Line is currently overbooked as it’s the only S/Line with dedicated berth;
  • Due to container ship that was knocked off course by strong winds and sandstorm that caused blockage of the Suez canal passage to vessels, arrival dates for shipments to Mombasa continue being affected. (imports & exports);
  • The port currently has not recorded any new cases and safety precautions are being adhered to throughout the port;
  • We are facing shortage of food grade containers for MSC & CMA-CGM.

Posters, face masks, soap and hand washing stations are now available in a number of farms and cooperative societies:


Last updated 14/05/2021
No changes or updates noted for the business.

  • The overall business works as usual, no impact on our coffee business for now, measures are expected if more cases are confirmed such as movement restrictions on the field;
  • The cherry season is active in Ngozi;
  • Health & Safety measures are applied across all operations, specifically at Washing Station where casuals have started operations;
Movement to Port:
  • Off-season in terms of exports.
Samples and Documents:
  • No impact noted on samples and documents so far.


Last updated 14/05/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business.


Last updated 14/05/2021 No changes or updates noted for the business.


  • Effective July 31, 2020, bars, pubs, cinema and gatherings places have reopened, but subject to strict hygiene mesures;

  • Abidjan City is now open to the rest of the country since July 15th;

  • International travels are now allowed but subjected to certain controls and hygiene measure;

  • Social distancing in supermarkets, and limited amount of people in public transport still there;

  • It is compulsory to wear a mask in public places and transport;

  • Life and economy are now quasi-normal;

  • Sucafina Team is working normally and from the office;

  • Government has announced economics measure to support small size business. These measures will be also for local company of the Coffee/Cocoa sector.


  • All ports, administration, and Coffee and Cocoa Board (CCC) services are working normally;

  • Warehouses, Logistics companies & ports are working normally;

  • Vessel schedules have improved but with some slight delays.

Samples and Documents:

  • Business as usual.


Press Release 14/04/2020
COVID-19 Mombasa Port Situation